Igniting Curiosity, Empowering Education, and Inspiring Learning with AI.

By bridging the gap between educators and students, we're not only improving the learning experience but also driving educational success.

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50% of educational institutions worldwide will adopt AI by 2025


Enhancement on learning performance with personalized AI tutoring


Less time consumed by administrative tasks, more time for student attention
Igniting the Spark

The Journey to Revolutionize Education

EDSPARK is not just an AI Tutor but a beacon building the journey of learning and self-exploration, redefining the way we learn, teach and grow


Elevate Learning, Achieve Excellence.

Personalized Learning

EDSPARK's AI platform customizes learning experiences based on individual student needs.

Transforming Education

Our AI-powered conversational tool redefines learning, making it interactive, engaging, and more effective.

Real-time Performance Insights

EDSPARK offers real-time insights for educators to effectively monitor and adapt teaching strategies.

Interactive and Engaging

With EDSPARK, learning becomes an interesting two-way process, fostering deep understanding and active engagement.

Fostering Understanding

Leveraging AI, EDSPARK empowers students by fostering better understanding and promoting self-paced learning.

Identify, Adjust, and Improve

EDSPARK aids educators in identifying learning gaps, refining teaching methods, and enhancing student outcomes.

A New Era of Personalized Learning

Unleashing Student Potential & Harnessing Real-Time Insights

Revolutionizing The Student Learning Experience
  • Curriculum based teaching.

  • Personalised Teaching, receive immediate responses that fit individuals’ levels to enhance understanding.

  • Study path planning, meeting your very personal needs.

  • Personalised Challenges, helping to take on every challenges ahead with AI generated quizzes and revisions.

Empowering Educators with Actionable Insights
  • Easy onboarding, teaching materials and question bank for teachers to deliver quality education at the start.

  • Learner Dashboard, keeping track learners’ performance and identifying areas of struggle.

  • AI homework and assessments generation, crafting exercises and quizzes that aligns with the levels of individual learners.




  • 15 Generations / month

  • Limited Feedback Bot

  • Enhance & Transform Feature

Pro Learner
$ 20

per Month

  • Unlimited Generations

  • Unlimited Feedback Bot

  • Enhance & Transform Feature

$ 25

per Month

  • Unlimited Question Answer Generations

  • Student Dashboard

  • Monthly Individual Learner’s Report

  • Unlimited Printable Worksheet and Assessment Paper Generation

  • 2 free Pro learner accounts

  • $15 for extra Pro Learner Account per student

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